living room wall unit


6 corners painted case - figure motive



TV unit



baroque chest



pub wall rack



plate cabinet


Santa Maria 1492




postcard as a sample





tasting wine



          This range of pine is made using many years old timber, wherever possible.
The wood is specially selected for its wonderful colour and graining, giving each piece the ultimate antique look, that is not possible to obtain using new timber.
The wood is then painstakingly de- nailed before being sawn, planed and finally fashioned into this popular range.
          It is then hand- finished, using many coats of wax to built up a thick polish and a patina that normally would only be attained by many years of polishing.
Painted furniture

          Unique speciality we offer you is completely hand made painted furniture.
          Design, models, sizes and paints depend only on your wish.



6 corners marble paint case






small chest - "Munich" - "painted" - "made old"



small chest - "Nurenberg"




corner TV unit



1 door case - family motive



plate cabinet